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When a marriage reaches the point the spouses have irreconcilable differences, divorce may be the only option. Dissolving a marriage is a major step, however, and one that should not be taken lightly. There are numerous issues to resolve and uncertainties about the future, and with emotions running high, it is essential to have a skilled divorce attorney in your corner to look after your interests.

One of the biggest concerns during a divorce or legal separation is the division of marital assets. Our advice can help you to protect your financial interests during either a contested or uncontested divorce, allowing you to focus on your future happiness.
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Child Support

Obtaining child support is essential to ensure that you and your family receive the financial compensation to successfully raise a family. Because the laws revolving child support are constantly changing, it is important that you retain the representation of an attorney who is experienced and on top of the Missouri laws. Child support is based on the parties' combined incomes. The statutes provide for a formula to determine the amount each spouse has to pay toward the care and upbringing of their children. Even if you share custody equally, one spouse may still have to pay the other if he or she makes significantly more than the other spouse.

Child Custody & Visitation

We believe strongly in protecting children from the potential negative effects of a separation or divorce. Our firm can assist in negotiating child custody and visitation agreements, with the goal of finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved. We have extensive experience in handling sensitive issues such as custody, child support, and paternity cases.

If you have already completed the divorce process and are now in need of a modification to an existing decree, it is important you work with an attorney. Divorce decrees are final and modifying existing orders can be difficult. With the representation of an attorney, however, you may be able to achieve a favorable resolution to your case.


Charges of child abuse and neglect have extremely serious ramifications. If you or your spouse have been accused of abusing or neglecting your child or your child has been sexually or physically abused or if you are facing the threat of having your child taken away by the Missouri Department of Social Services, or if your child has already been taken away, you must act quickly. There are procedures and policies that must be followed by all parties involved.

Children that are the victims of abuse and or neglect are often in need of the protection of the Juvenile Court. This can be a devastating occurrence for your entire family and can result in removal of a child from your home, criminal charges, or loss of employment. Melanie G Moffat is familiar with the statutory requirements, policies, and practices if you should find yourselves involved in this type of situation.


A child or teen may find him or herself in trouble with the law for such reasons as skipping school, drinking, vandalism and drug use. If your child is facing juvenile delinquency charges, this is a critical juncture in his or her life. It can be a positive turning point if handled correctly. Melanie G Moffat Law firm has experience handling juvenile delinquency proceedings involving offenses such as underage drinking, drug offenses, assault, sexual assault and habitual truancy.

Melanie G Moffat LLC law firm has experience handling these matters of family law including difficult cases:
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Grandparent Rights
Restraining Orders