Criminal Lawyer in Jefferson City, MO

Defend your rights and freedom

Facing a misdemeanor, felony or a traffic charge can be a very stressful and frightening experience. Hiring a lawyer will surely make your experience less difficult. But, hiring the right attorney will make all the difference in the outcome of your case. At Melanie Moffat Law Firm we are committed to standing by your side throughout your case. We are committed to helping you protect your rights, your reputation, your future and even your freedom. Whether you are a first offender or you have been through the criminal justice system before, Melanie Moffat Law Firm is prepared to go to work for you.

A criminal charge or traffic violation may affect you in several ways, especially if you are convicted. It might affect your current employment status, or your ability to obtain new employment. It might affect your relationship with family and friends. It might even affect your chances of being accepted into the military or the school of your choice. At Melanie Moffat Law Firm we will explain and help you understand the possible effects of the charges you are facing. We will advise you of all the rights and options afforded to you under the law. We will then take the best course of action to obtain the best possible result.

Melanie G Moffat LLC law firm. has vast experience handling cases including, but not limited to:
Drug Charges
Sexual Abuse
Child Support
Child Abuse/Neglect
Domestic Abuse